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“Hi Lee Lee, just wanted to congratulate you on the incredible achievement. I so enjoyed watching the film. It has beautiful edges and a depth of consideration. An important work Brill. All the love and congratulations.”

Sarah Pickthall – Diversity Consultant

“Congratulations, it’s really very well done. I know this film will go far and I think, you should be thinking of doing the next film now.”

Maureen Goh – Executive Director, Very Special Arts Singapore

“I feel the film and theme shows the greatest and most effective approach in terms of advocacy and raising awareness and empathy, and all that. What is it? Stories. We tell stories. People love stories, especially those they can relate to.”

Alvan Yap – Deputy Director, The Singapore Association for the Deaf

“Congrats Lee Lee. I thoroughly enjoyed the production. It took a lot of effort and your team did well. This is the first accessibility film I watched here. Hope you can do more.”

Alicia Teng – Assistant Director – Community and Access, National Gallery Singapore

This ground-breaking and different approach of radically championing Singapore excellence and expertise in equality and diversity (particularly in the sector of disability art in Singapore and the UK) is rare and demonstrates exceptional public benefit across borders worldwide. The work was so powerful as I listened and watched the performance it filled with me with tears of joy and a great friendship had developed.”

Zoe Partington – Contemporary Visual Artist, Creative Consultant, International Advisor

“We’re really delighted to see what you’ve achieved with Perspectives, following the Sync programme. Thanks for inviting us to the launch event which was very impressive indeed. We understand that Perspectives was also featured at Georgetown’s festival – congratulations! It has been an absolute honour to witness your journey of growth.”

Geraldine Chin (Ms) – Head, Impact Networks | Programmes Division, Singapore International Foundation

“Thanks to the efforts by Lee Lee and so many others involved to make this an inclusive and accessible event… My takeaway is we need to understand people more, to communicate more, so we can make the world a better, more inclusive for everyone!”

Tan Siew Ling – Deaf-blind audience